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Hempfield Candy Company

Amish Style Candy Manufacturer, Custom Flavors, Custom Orders, Private Labeling, Vintage Candy. Bulk, Wholesale and Distribution. Specializing in Hemp Candies and Hemp Foods since 1995. We are the First and we are the only manufacturers of Hemp Candies in the USA.

About Us      





Since 1995 Hempfield Candy Company has been manufacturing Hemp Foods, Snacks and chronic candies. The original makers of Hydro Chronic Candy Lollipops since 1998. Also known as Ganja Pops, HydroPops, Chronic Candies, Hemp Pops, Marijuana Suckers and Pot Suckers we make them all. Expanding the chronic Cannabis flavored candy market to include chronic Ganja Brownies, chronic Chocolates and Marijuana flavored drink mix. Along side our Hemp Foods such as Hemp Treats, Hemp Pretzels, Hemp Soft Pretzels, Hemp Bread Sticks, Hemp Cookies, Hemp Muffins, and we also carry Hemp Cooking Supplies.





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